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Whirlpool WDT710PAYH Review

For such an affordable machine, Whirlpool's WDT710PAYH sure impressed us with some truly remarkable cleaning performance.

$599.00 MSRP


The Whirlpool WDT710PAYH is a good option if you’re looking for simplicity, affordability, and very strong wash performance. Overall, this plastic-tub dishwasher has some high highs, but it lags behind its pricier competitors in terms of efficiency and innovation. Whether it's the right dishwasher for you depends on your needs. Just want really clean dishes? Look no further. This one will do the job, and do it well. But if you want a dishwasher that breaks new ground when it comes to energy savings, capacity, and features, continue your search.

Our tester was notable for one other reason: It featured Whirlpool's new White Ice finish, their new stainless alternative that wouldn't look out of place in an Apple store.

Design & Usability

The WDT710PAYH is simple, simple, simple.

Whirlpool's design language is all about clean lines and simplicity, to the point that some users may find it too simple. It's clinical and, for 2013, quite modern. In White Ice, it would look out of place in a Tuscan-style kitchen, but would fit in alongside Scandinavian-style cabinetry.

It would look out of place in a Tuscan-style kitchen, but would fit in alongside Scandinavian-style cabinetry

Luckily, that simple design translates into simple use. The control panel is very straightforward and easy to operate, especially given the abundance of extra wash options. There is nothing unusual about this machine’s appearance when compared to other models in the Whirlpool Gold series; in fact, it’s downright identical.

With the exception of its handle, stainless steel is nowhere to be found in the WDT710PAYH. The wash tub is made of plastic, as are both of the wash arms and the exterior. That's not unheard of among washers with a $599 MSRP, and we can’t argue with the performance this one offers. If you do want stainless, we found the otherwise-identical stainless exterior WDT710PAYM on sale for $599, too.



There are quite a few extra features, all from the standard Whirlpool playbook.

As with most Whirlpools, the WDT710PAYH is generous in the features and wash options department. It’s no self-opening Miele, but for a $599 dishwasher it offers a good deal of control for wash intensity, performance, and customization.

Pretty much every extra wash option is a customization feature, meaning it can be added onto any chosen wash cycle. There’s a Top Rack Wash, a Hi-Temp Rinse, Sani Rinse (which we tested and found reached a satisfactory 157.7 degrees Fahrenheit—enough to kill bacteria), and Heat Dry (with appurtenant Eco and High options). There is also a 4-Hour Delay and a child lock. As for cycles, there’s Heavy, Normal, 1-Hour Wash, Eco, and an exclusive Overnight wash that takes longer but adds an extended prewash. There’s also a Sensor cycle that adapts wash intensity and duration to the amount of stains in the load.

All these features should satisfy most, if not all dishwashing needs. The Overnight wash is a particular bonus, as it is intended for heavily soiled dishware but uses less energy than the Heavy cycle, which prolongs the duration and makes it ideal for overnight use. Everything else is fairly standard: Capacity, rack design, adjustability, and cutlery basket are all Whirlpool staples.

Comparable Products

Before you buy the Whirlpool Gold WDT710PAYH, take a look at these other dishwashers.


This is where the WDT710PAYH shined. All ye aspirant dishwasher manufacturers take note.

This is where the WDT710PAYH stands out from the pack, even among Whirlpool-manufactured machines (which include Amana, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air and sometimes Kenmore). While the Normal wash was the most impressive and came close to perfection on most stain tests, the Heavy and 1-Hour Wash cycles were also impressive for their respective purposes.

The Normal wash was the most impressive; it either achieved or came close to perfection on most stain tests.

We were perhaps most amazed by the WDT710PAYH’s handling of spinach stains, which prove very difficult for most other machines, and if they are successfully removed it’s not uncommon for a dishwasher to spread tiny spinach particles throughout the interior—a much-despised phenomenon known as "redeposit" that indicates a subpar filter. The WDT710PAYH neither sprayed the wash tub with refuse spinach nor failed to remove an adequate chunk of spinach from our test bowls. In fact, it scrubbed off an average 99.21 percent of spinach stains—very impressive for a mid-range dishwasher, or any dishwasher for that matter.

The Heavy cycle was also good, but we’d peg it only slightly above average compared to other heavy cycles on the market. The same goes for the 1-Hour Wash (quick cycle).


If you care about cleaning power, this is a great buy. Just make sure it fits with your kitchen.

When it comes to wash performance, this dishwasher ranks among the best we’ve tested. Sure, the WDT710PAYH’s design is certainly polarizing, and it wouldn't fit in all kitchens. It also had some lackluster efficiency performance, with a yearly operating cost that's about $10 or so more than the most miserly machines we've tested.

However, it's got a strong set of features and no dishwasher at it's price point washes as well. If the WDT710PAYH fits in your kitchen and in your budget, you can't do too much better. And if you'd rather a more traditional look, it is available in other finishes.

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