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Why Not Infuse Vodka in Your Dishwasher?

We've seen meals prepared in the dishwasher, but what about infused vodka?

Here at we believe that flavored vodka is an abomination and best avoided. But, if you insist on drinking saccharinely sweet alcohol, at the very least don’t buy it. Just make it yourself.

All you need, surprisingly, is a dishwasher. Yes, in addition to a makeshift method for cooking turkey, salmon, and asparagus, the humble dishwasher is perfect for creating your own flavor-infused vodka.

In fact, the relatively low temperatures of modern dishwashers are perfect for combining ingredients, while at the same time retaining flavors—and more importantly alcohol content. In terms of the actual seasoning, you are limited only by your imagination or, failing that, the candy aisle at your local grocery store. A few tried-and-true options include licorice, gummy bears, skittles, and of course chocolate.

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Why settle for liver damage when you can have tooth cavities as well? [Image credit: Flickr user "1finecookie"]

There are a variety of guides and recipes for creating dishwasher vodka, but the basic method seems the same across the board: Just mix everything into a single container—2 parts vodka, 1 part flavoring ingredients.

You can use an existing vodka bottle, so long as it's made of glass and not plastic—just be sure to wrap it in cling film in case of a leak. Alternatively, you could use a sealed mason jar. Place the container upright in the dishwasher and set it to the hottest cycle. Once the cycle has completed, give the mixture a good shake and leave it to cool. When it reaches room temperature, simply strain out any remaining candy bits and you're done.


[Hero image: Flickr user "arbyreed]

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